Monday, March 30, 2015

From dollar store to shabby chic

Talk about a case of the Mondays! Today was a struggle for me! But I did manage to get a craft in with a vase I picked up from the dollar store probably about a year ago! Not sure if I love how it turned out but that's the beauty of paint! You can always change it! 
Here is what the original vase looked like, nothing special but for a dollar you can't go wrong!
 Here are the materials I used to do this transformation. First I painted 2 coats of primer, then I put one coat of the folk art white paint and then brushed on the dark wax. Last, I took a lint free rag and wiped the wax off to get a distressed look.
I put this topiary in the vase, I bought it from Michael's but I am hoping to do a tutorial on how to make one from scratch soon!
Here is the finished product! I tried to match the lantern as good as I could! Not perfect but that's life!
Thanks for stopping by!!
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gardening: Week 1

Hoping everyone had a fabulous weekend!! We were busy this weekend prepping the house for a fresh coat of paint next week! Stay tuned!!

Well as of today (3/29/2015), our little seeds are growing!! I am so stoked to see the progress the seeds have made in just a week! Its looking like some will soon be ready to plant outside!! Here are some updated pictures of the seeds that are sprouting!

We also had a problem when the covers were on with mold growing on the dirt, we have taken the covers off permanently now and the mold seems to have stopped growing!

Thanks for reading!!! I'm so happy our garden is growing so fast!!
Is anyone else growing a garden? Would love to hear how your garden is doing!!

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Steals: 3/28/2015

Each Saturday I figured I would try to showcase my favorite stores with the best deals and cutest items! To start the very first "Saturday Steals" I am showing items from my favorite store... Burlington Coat Factory! While the closest one to me is 3 hours away, back home we had one about 15 minutes away! Not to worry though they now offer their great deals online! Without further ado! 
7. 2 pack pillows $19.99
8. His & Her pillow $12.99
9. Shower Curtain $7.99
10. 2 piece bath mat $9.99
11. 2' x 3' Jute Rug $7.99

I hope you guys love these items as much as I do! Have a great weekend!

Note: I am not endorsed to do these although how great would that be! 

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Master Bathroom Makeover: Part 1

The master bathroom was probably the easiest room to makeover! It has a very odd layout but we are learning to live with it! Today I am only showing you the toilet/ shower room part of the bathroom because i'm still waiting for my husband to have time to trim the mirror! After that and some baseboard the vanity side of the bathroom will be ready to go! The first picture shown is the before! I took this picture the day we moved in not thinking I would ever be starting a blog so this is all I have.  The only major thing we did in here was change the tile to match the rest of the tile we put throughout the house (kitchen, dining room, hallway and hallway bathroom). I repainted the walls white, I think that since this room is such a small space any color would just make it smaller.
A rug, a new shower curtain, and some decor and she's good as new! 

What do you think of this little makeover the room has undergone? Feel free to let me know your thoughts!! Have a great Friday <3
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gardening: Part 1 (Planting)

Gardening is probably my favorite past time with my grandparents, they had around a quarter acre of their yard devoted to a garden that was the most beautiful garden I have seen to date. My favorite memory was planting and picking the veggies and fruits, weeding was a different story-haha! Now that we have finally gotten settled into our home, I figured a garden would be perfect this year! (especially because my husband is not going to be gone this summer-first time since we have been married that we will get to enjoy a whole summer together!) Here is the start of our little garden! The pictures shown are from the day we planted them (3/22/15) and I cannot wait to start seeing them sprout in the next couple of weeks! I will be sure to keep this updated with pictures along the way! We got 2 of the jiffy trays at Home Depot for $7.98 each and we bought the seeds from tractor supply with an additional 25% off sale.
Next up are all the plants we are eventually going to plant. There are pictures included underneath this and I cannot wait to share recipes with you guys! My favorite recipe is pickled green beans which you can! They are the best! Hoping this adventure pays off and we actually get a yield out of all of this, a little nervous since this is my first time gardening in "the south". If you guys have any tips feel free to fill me in below! Thanks guys!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Guest Bedroom Makeover for less than $100! (Part 1)

My parents and little sister will be visiting for Easter! I haven't seen them since Christmas and I am so excited to see them!! While they are here we are going to be painting and fixing up the outside of the house!! I cant wait to see the end result! I am so thankful for family!! Back to the guest bedroom though, this room has been used for about a million and one things, mainly my husbands stuff for work (if you are from a military family you all know "the room" that their stuff gets dumped in). Also in that room we built an organizing unit for all of my husbands other junk stuff! We have finally cleaned  the garage, so we have moved that out to the garage! I now after 2 years of living in this house have a guest bedroom!! The blue room shown on the left is what the bedroom looked like when we first bought it a couple years ago, since then I have painted it (right picture), not sure if I love the color anymore, and am debating what color would work best! Also on the to do list for this room is to somehow improve the appearance of the ceiling fan in here. I don't know if it is the Michigan in me or what, but a ceiling fan in a bedroom is a must!First things first, it needs a major cleaning! I am so excited to share the overhaul that this room is going to get! Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring decor for $3.00 !!!

First blog post for me!! I picked up these adorable flowers yesterday at Home Depot for around $2.00!! I think they are a perfect fit for our window ledge in the kitchen, with the vase being a dollar from Ikea, it is a super easy and cheap spring piece!! Also just picked up the pie sign from world market a few weeks back and I love it!! Happy Monday!

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