Friday, March 27, 2015

Master Bathroom Makeover: Part 1

The master bathroom was probably the easiest room to makeover! It has a very odd layout but we are learning to live with it! Today I am only showing you the toilet/ shower room part of the bathroom because i'm still waiting for my husband to have time to trim the mirror! After that and some baseboard the vanity side of the bathroom will be ready to go! The first picture shown is the before! I took this picture the day we moved in not thinking I would ever be starting a blog so this is all I have.  The only major thing we did in here was change the tile to match the rest of the tile we put throughout the house (kitchen, dining room, hallway and hallway bathroom). I repainted the walls white, I think that since this room is such a small space any color would just make it smaller.
A rug, a new shower curtain, and some decor and she's good as new! 

What do you think of this little makeover the room has undergone? Feel free to let me know your thoughts!! Have a great Friday <3
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  1. Nice job! Thank you for sharing it on Show Me Saturday!

  2. I have a ruffled shower curtain too and I love it! Although yours seems to have this super cool ombre vibe going on so I may love yours a little more. Love the new look of your bathroom, Coco

    1. Thank you so much! The shower curtain was I think like $18 on amazon!!