Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Guest Bedroom Makeover for less than $100! (Part 1)

My parents and little sister will be visiting for Easter! I haven't seen them since Christmas and I am so excited to see them!! While they are here we are going to be painting and fixing up the outside of the house!! I cant wait to see the end result! I am so thankful for family!! Back to the guest bedroom though, this room has been used for about a million and one things, mainly my husbands stuff for work (if you are from a military family you all know "the room" that their stuff gets dumped in). Also in that room we built an organizing unit for all of my husbands other junk stuff! We have finally cleaned  the garage, so we have moved that out to the garage! I now after 2 years of living in this house have a guest bedroom!! The blue room shown on the left is what the bedroom looked like when we first bought it a couple years ago, since then I have painted it (right picture), not sure if I love the color anymore, and am debating what color would work best! Also on the to do list for this room is to somehow improve the appearance of the ceiling fan in here. I don't know if it is the Michigan in me or what, but a ceiling fan in a bedroom is a must!First things first, it needs a major cleaning! I am so excited to share the overhaul that this room is going to get! Thanks for stopping by!!

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