Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gardening: Part 1 (Planting)

Gardening is probably my favorite past time with my grandparents, they had around a quarter acre of their yard devoted to a garden that was the most beautiful garden I have seen to date. My favorite memory was planting and picking the veggies and fruits, weeding was a different story-haha! Now that we have finally gotten settled into our home, I figured a garden would be perfect this year! (especially because my husband is not going to be gone this summer-first time since we have been married that we will get to enjoy a whole summer together!) Here is the start of our little garden! The pictures shown are from the day we planted them (3/22/15) and I cannot wait to start seeing them sprout in the next couple of weeks! I will be sure to keep this updated with pictures along the way! We got 2 of the jiffy trays at Home Depot for $7.98 each and we bought the seeds from tractor supply with an additional 25% off sale.
Next up are all the plants we are eventually going to plant. There are pictures included underneath this and I cannot wait to share recipes with you guys! My favorite recipe is pickled green beans which you can! They are the best! Hoping this adventure pays off and we actually get a yield out of all of this, a little nervous since this is my first time gardening in "the south". If you guys have any tips feel free to fill me in below! Thanks guys!!


  1. I've just rechecked all my favorite gardening books from the library and will have my plan in place by the end of this weekend.

  2. Awesome!! Good luck with you garden!!